Fennel seeds are known to provide certain health benefits, some of which include the following.

Fennel Herb

Fennel Herb

Fennel is a plant with an abundance of benefits which have been widely used as herbal medicines and spices. Herbs are popular because of their contribution to our health and well-being. A flavorful and aromatic herb, fennel are widely used for many medicinal and culinary purposes. A fennel plant includes a round bulb with stalks, feathery leaves and flowers that leave seeds, and all parts of the plant are edible. Having a crunchy texture like celery along with a taste similar to licorice, fennel has a history of use for digestive problems, however it may have other benefits, too.

Fennel is a great source of iron, as well as an amino acid called histidine, which are both useful in treating anemia. Iron and histidine both help produce hemoglobin, which transports oxygen within the blood and throughout the body. Fennel seeds are known to provide certain health benefits, some of which include the following:

Cures stomach issues

Very helpful for people struggling with improper bowel syndrome, fennel seeds help to soothe the gastrointestinal tract. It’s an excellent medicine to get eliminate symptoms such as an upset stomach, abdominal cramps, gas and bloating.

Heart Disease

Fennel is a superb source of fiber, as mentioned above, but besides the advantages to digestion that fiber provides, additionally, it helps to maintain healthy levels of cholesterol in the blood stream. Which means that it can stimulate the elimination damaging LDL cholesterol, that is a major factor in heart disease, artherosclerosis, and strokes.

Weight Loss

A half-cup of fresh fennel has just 13 calories, so it’s a perfect choice for dieters. Fennel can also help speed up your metabolism and break down fat within the body, helping you achieve your weight-loss goals even faster. Plus, with such low calories, it’s virtually impossible to consume too much of it. Shedding excess pounds has many advantages, including reducing your risk for diabetes and cardiovascular disease, and adding fennel to your diet is really a healthy way to help you achieve these benefits.

Enhances immunity

Fennel is packed with vitamin C. This is required to ensure excellent functioning of the immune system. Additionally, it helps protect the arteries from aging.


The roughage in fennel seeds act as a stimulant within the clearance of bowels. By taking fennel juice regularly, it helps to rebalance the digestive tract, thus promotes regular bowel movement.

Lowers the chance of heart diseases

Fennel seeds are an excellent source of folate. This helps lower the risk of heart diseases. It’s also an important requirement for the division of the body cells but for the utilization of amino acids and sugar.


Iron and histidine, an amino acid present in fennel, are both helpful in treatment of anemia. Whereas iron may be the chief constituent of hemoglobin, histidine stimulates production of hemoglobin as well as helps in the formation of various other components of the blood.

Cures water retention

Fennel seeds assistance to cure water retention. This in turn helps to remove toxic substances in the body, which makes it helpful in treating cellulite and arthritis.

Eye Care

Using fennel in food helps protect the eyes from inflammation, as well as helping to reduce disorders associated with premature aging and macular degeneration. This is due to the high abundance of antioxidants, detoxifiers and stimulants. They’re more specifically in fennel essential oil, as well as minerals like cobalt and magnesium.

Health Benefits of Fennel

Health Benefits of Fennel

Removes free radicals

Fennel seeds have high antioxidant properties, vital for removing free radicals in the body. It thereby helps in preventing many serious diseases.

Cures mental problems

Apart in the several benefits that it bestows physically, fennel seeds will also be a great remedy to alleviate depression, anxiety and disturbances within the mind.