Herbal teas are known for plenty of health benefits. Herbal tea is made from several different types of herbs.

Herbal Teas Benefits

Herbal Teas Benefits

Herbal teas are prepared by infusing leaves, seeds, peels, roots or bark of herbs in boiling water. The health advantages of tea have been been aware of as a herbal healer for hundreds of years but of all the teas, the health benefits of green tea is known to be the most powerful.

Tea has been considered a key to good health. All teas are beneficial to health because teas are a rich source of polyphenols which neutralize free radicals. There are countless benefits to drinking herbal tea.

Boost Mental Health

Chamomile tea using its calming and soothing properties is a superb natural remedy for curbing anxiety, stress and depression. Herb teas are also thought to reduce the risk of neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease and counteract the oxidative force on the brain.

Contain Powerful Substances

Herbal teas are packed with powerful antioxidants that fight free radical damage and help promote anti-ageing. The antioxidants, specially those in green tea, can work like a great anti-cancer agent by interfering with the growth of cancerous tumors from the breast, lung, bladder, pancreas, stomach and also the colon. Antioxidants from Oolong tea benefits are thought to be associated with lowered amounts of bad cholesterol.

Prevent Cold And Flu

You will find herbal teas, which are made for flu, colds, insomnia, headaches, detoxification, bloating, cancer and many more. At some point, one brand offers various kinds of herbal teas and it would just take you to read the label and pay it off.

Boosts Immunity

It boosts immunity, avoids age-related loss of memory, relieves bloating, cures constipation, reduces anemia, prevents kidney stones, and reduces inflammation related to diseases like arthritis, rheumatism, and gallbladder problems.

Promotes Skin Health

Longing for younger, youthful skin? Herb teas may help. Rooibos tea is believed to have high vitamin C content along with powerful antioxidants which help promote skin health and prevent common skin problems including eczema.


Do this recipe for grog: in a pint water, boil one teaspoon of cinnamon, nutmeg, thyme, and three cloves. Let steep for 10 mins then strain. Add lemon juice, and drink. Some will add honey, and even rhum, but be cautious with the amount.

 Herbal Teas Benefits

Herbal Teas Benefits


In a single liter of water, infuse one teaspoon of thyme and marjoram. Drink with small sips the whole day. An alternative is to boil a knob of grated fresh ginger. But be cautious if you have any heart troubles, as ginger is really a strong stimulant.

Promote Digestive Relief

Not surprisingly, herbal teas are good for the digestive system too. Ginger tea particularly, has been used to curb vomiting, nausea, motion sickness and stomach upset. Peppermint tea too, can be used an effective natural remedy for indigestion, heartburn, bloating and abdominal gas.

Other Benefits

Herb teas provide many other health benefits- they protect the lungs from damage caused by exposure to cigarette smoke, reduce blood levels of cholesterol, lift up spirits and keep away depression, cleanse the liver and stimulate bile production, prevent complications as a result of diabetes and lower high blood pressure.