Herbal Remedies for Dry Skin

Dry skin may be treatable by using a moisturizer regularly and hydrating your body, but using herbs to treat dry skin could be even more beneficial.

Dry skin requires particular care and attention as it is vulnerable to a variety of problems. Regular moisturizing and use of other protective lotions and treatments is essential on a regular basis. This is done to avoid the most popular conditions that this skin type is prone to.

Dry Skin Remedies

Dry Skin Remedies

Each one of us has a different skin type, much like we have a different genetic makeup. This is why each one of us has different needs regarding medications and cosmetics. People suffering from excessively dry skin are sensitive to cold and atmospheric changes which will make the skin flaky, rough, pale, itchy and patchy in appearance.

However, there are many adequate commercially prepared creams, lotions and moisturizers open to treat dry skin, there are also herbal alternative remedies available which are just as effective. Many of these herbal remedies can be bought at a health food store or made aware of simple ingredients.

A herbal remedy for dry skin activly works to restore moisture and soothe the sometimes painful and annoying sensations that is included with dry skin. It’s worth noting that severe dry skin or recurring dry skin could be a symptom of more serious health concerns.

Herbal Remedies For Dry Skin

Dry skin may be treatable by using a moisturizer regularly and hydrating your body, but using herbs to treat dry skin could be even more beneficial. Since herbs are natural, they’ve almost no side effects and also reduce the chances of bacterial and fungal infections. Furthermore, herbs also enhance the natural beauty of the skin, making it look healthy and even-toned. In either case, you are sure to find relief from dry skin by utilizing some of these herbal dry skin remedies.


Calendula is one of the most wonderful herbs for dry skin. People struggling with excessively dry and sensitive skin can benefit so much from this herb, as it possesses flavonoids, essential oils and carotenoids, which are essential for maintaining a healthy skin tone.

Wild Marshmallow Root

Wild marshmallow root to one quart of cold water. Allow steep overnight. Take a clean cloth, dip it within the tea and apply it to dry skin 3 times daily. This herb is mucilaginous, and therefore it gets slimy and this very slimyness is the reason why it so great for dry skin.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has been utilized widely in almost all cosmetic applications. It’s wonderful anti bacterial abilities allow it to be among the best herbal treatments for acne. Also, it’s known to reduce inflammation, redness, pain and itching related to acne.

Herb for Dry Skin

Herb for Dry Skin


Papaya is a tropical fruit which has a variety of enzymes that make it a great herbal remedy for dry skin. This fruit helps break up the dead skin cells in the skin surface and stimulates the manufacture of new ones.


Chamomile is known for its cooling and soothing properties which will make it a good herbal remedy for broken and inflamed skin. The anti-inflammatory properties of chamomile help reduce inflammtion, irritation and cracking of very dry skin that always happens during winters.

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