Even an ordinary meal can be made extraordinary by adding fresh / dried herbs. Herbs impart great flavor to food.



It’s important, however, to extensively research natural supplements given that they could react with other medications you take. Even a regular meal can be made extraordinary by adding fresh / dried herbs. Herbs impart great flavor to food. Besides enhancing food with flavor, herbs both fresh and dried, have been used for hundreds of years as vital ingredients in preparing many potent natural medicines. The antibacterial properties of natural ingredients can also heal a variety of skin ailments.


If you’re a meat-eater, there is every possibility of you understanding that when meat is fried, broiled or grilled at really high temperatures, it results in the creation of heterocydic amines, which are potent carcinogens which have been implicated in different cancers. Also known as HCA, the levels of heterocydic amines decrease significantly if rosemary is leisurely put into meat while it is being cooked. Rosemary consists two powerful antioxidants that destroy the HCAs, namely, carnosol and rosemarinic acid. This herb can be applied topically for joint pains and aches.


Leaves have a mild onion flavor. Chop them and add these to salads, egg and cheese dishes, cream cheese, mashed potatoes, sandwich spreads, and sauces. Use flowers in salads. Sow seeds in spring or fall, ½ inch deep in rows 12 inches apart. When the seedlings are established, thin inside the rows to 6 inches apart. Or put down nursery grown plants at the begining of spring, 9-12 inches apart.


Ginger is a powerful antioxidant that can block the negative effects of the chemical produced by the brain as well as stomach when one is nauseated (serotonin) and also stop the production of free radicals. Without ginger’s intervention, the pair of these above mentioned activities can cause someone to feel nauseated or have stomach ache. Research of cruise ship passengers travelling on rough seas demonstrated that ginger if consumed every 4 hours was equally effective for motion sickness as Dramamine, which is a commonly medication for the said problem.


Mint is an excellent palate cleanser and remedy for every kind of digestive discomfort, thanks to its powerful essential oils. Shred the leaves and increase fruit and savoury salads, cool drinks and yoghurt dips. For digestive problems, infuse the leaves in boiled water for Fifteen minutes, then drink – add ginger for an additional kick. Thyme The leaves of this herb are tiny, however they pack a punch. Thyme has strong antioxidant, antifungal and antiseptic properties. Combine it with pasta dishes and pizzas in a late stage to deliver flavour with no damage its chemistry. For coughs, create a tea with 1tsp crushed thyme in two a cup of boiling water. Steep for Ten minutes, then strain.


Thyme contains an oil called thymol that serves as an antiseptic and disinfectant. Give a sprig of thyme to hot water with honey and lemon for any soothing drink that prevents bronchitis and clears lung passageways with each sip.


Leaves possess a sweetish flavor, particularly good in sauces for fish; also useful with pork or veal, in soups as well as in salads. Seeds have sharper taste. You may also enjoy the bulb. Sow categories of 3 or 4 seeds in midspring, ¼ inch deep and 18 inches apart. Thin established seedling to strongest of each group.


Grind dry seeds to powder and dirt over veal, pork, or ham before cooking. Young leaves are knows as cilantro. The roots, which can be frozen are used to flavor soup; serve chopped with avocados. Sow seeds at the begining of spring, ¼ in. deep in rows 12 inches apart. Thin within established seedlings to six inches apart.

Everyday Herbs

Everyday Herbs


A sacred herb in many cultures, sage has strong antiseptic and antibiotic properties. Its powerful essential oil can kill oral bacteria – it’s often used in herbal mouthwashes and breath fresheners. Additionally, it has a reputation for calming menopausal hot flushes when used inside a tea. Use it fresh in salads, soups and vegetable dishes.

Holy Basil

So, what’s coming next is proof enough the use of holy basil isn’t restricted to the holy corners of the puja room in Indian homes. Apparently, it helps in lessening stress by increasing

the level of adrenaline and noradrenaline and cutting the discharge of serotonin. No wonder, just going for a whiff of this herb gives us immense outwardly relief.