Cold and flu are common viral illnesses where self care is very much needed to cure them. Here are some natural remedies for cold.

Natural Herbal Remedies

Natural Remedies

The cold and flu season is at its peak at this time and it hits hard and fast. Colds will never be pleasant, but they are even less so inside a large family, where it appears to take three weeks for a virus to operate its way through the ranks before the one who had it first to get the next round of illness and pass it on. When you first begin to feel a cold coming on, support and stimulate your body’s immune system. If you or your little one/s are suffering from cold symptoms, begin using these natural cold remedies to help alleviate symptoms while helping the body to heal more rapidly and completely. These natural cold remedies also enable you to avoid toxins and strengthen, instead of inhibit, your immune system. Here are some best natural remedies for cold:

Raw Honey

Raw honey that is made from flower pollen and enzymes in bee saliva, has antioxidants, antiviral and antibacterial properties, which make it a top cold virus killer. Honey is extremely mild so is an ideal cold fix for children. To use simply add two tablespoons raw honey to a cup of warm, ginger tea. Give a squirt of fresh lemon juice for any boost of Vitamin C.

Ginger Root Tea

The root of the ginger plant contains active plant compounds called gingerols that attack pain, inflammation, germs and viruses. Ginger helps you to suppress inflammatory compounds, which lessens respiratory and throat inflammation. Ginger is another powerful immune stimulant. To make use of simply peel a ginger herb, mince 2 tbs and increase a boiling cup water. Allow tea to cool to drinking temp, add raw honey, lemon and enjoy.

Cayenne Powder

Stimulant, anti-microbial, analgesic, carminative, diaphoretic, and expectorant. Cayenne might help prevent a cold or flu in addition to shorten the duration of a cold or flu. It brings heat towards the body, which can help dispel coldness.


Full of vitamin C, lemon may help reduce the strength of the cold and flu virus in the body and reduce phlegm. Many people use lemons to build resistance to cold and flu, and accelerate healing.


Infection of cold may be treatable in an amazing way with the help of turmeric. Turmeric is enriched with anti-inflammatory properties, hence helping to ease the symptoms of cold within an effective manner. A glass of milk containing ginger and turmeric should be consumed every night before going to bed to achieve great level of respite from cold and cough.


Garlic is considered to be a very good remedy for cough and cold. Garlic cloves ought to be added to boiling water and drunk by means of soup. The discomfort within the nasal passages due to cold and cough could be gone with the help of this wonderful home remedy. The oil present in garlic helps in opening up airways, consequently helping to improve the breathing process.

Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies

Chicken Soup

Eating chicken soup can help you stay hydrated, improves your immunity, provides antioxidants that the body needs to help fight the virus, helps clear mucus out of your system, and reduces inflammation. Chicken soup reduced the movement from the neutrophils in blood, which they think lowers activity that triggers inflammation and cold symptoms within the respiratory tract.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is definitely an immune system power horse. Vitamin C has been shown to have over 100 known health benefits and many of these benefits come form its antioxidants. These properties help protect you against getting the cold and will also help to strengthen your immune system and protect against the virus once inside your body.