Ginseng tea is known for having an acute coppery taste and it comes from the roots of the ginseng plant.



Ginseng is a perennial plant with a fleshy root, which is used for medicinal purposes. Ginseng has been used for improving overall health. It has also been used to strengthen the immune system and help fight off stress and disease. If you are interested in drinking the tea you can find it in powdered, teabags and liquid extract form. You could also brew the root directly as a whole or cubed to prepare a strong tea.

Ginseng tea might have health benefits including improved energy, but drinking too much can cause you to lose sleep or raise your blood pressure. Although, proponents of alternative medicine claim that ginseng can cure a lot of illnesses, till date, there is no substantial evidence to prove the effectiveness of this herb.

Even so, a great many people swear by the ginseng tea, and consume it on a regular basis. As per the exponents of this herb, there are numerous benefits of this tea, which are discussed below:

For weight control

An extract from the ginseng berry is believed to be effective against obesity and helpful with weight control. Ginseng tea works as a natural appetite suppressant. Ginseng tea functions like an all-natural appetite-suppressant, and thus is commonly used by people seeking to lose and control their current weight.

Enhances Mental Performance

It has been suggested that taking a single 100-200mg supplement of ginseng herb when you first wake up in the mornings, 3 times every week can boost one’s mental performance. After awhile you should slowly start to detect enhanced mental performance. Ginseng tea can function as a stimulant in the same way, helping your brain cells and aiding in improving your attention and thinking skills.

Immune System

Ginseng may help to strengthen the immune system by relieving persistent infections in the body. It also improves the effectiveness of flu vaccines, and antibiotics used for bronchitis. Ginseng has antioxidants that are beneficial to the heart and may help people with heart disorders.

Blood Clots

Taking Korean ginseng may interfere with your blood platelets and their clotting tendencies, potentially causing blood clots. A double-blind clinical trial and one case report have indicated that Korean ginseng could reduce the effectiveness of Coumadin, a blood thinner. Avoid drinking Korean ginseng tea if you take anti-coagulants, or blood thinning medications, because doing so could increase your risk of developing a dangerous blood clot.

Male Sexual Function

Having ginseng tea might help guys decrease the indications of sex related illnesses like ED. Korean Red Ginseng has been used to promote male sexual function. However, be certain to discuss this with your physician before using it as ginseng may interact with several other medications or cause allergy symptoms.

Ginseng Tea

Ginseng Tea

Physical/mental health stimulant

Ginseng is believed to be a good tonic that benefits one’s stamina and helps boost energy levels. It helps athletes use oxygen more effectively, and it is believed to regulate metabolism, which can increase energy levels. Consumption of ginseng can also help athletes lower their recovery time and reduce stress. In addition, ginseng tea can act as a stimulant for the brain cells and help improve concentration and thinking ability.

Lower Cholesterol

Ginseng is a fantastic remedy for high cholesterol levels. You can take it in tea or supplement form, whatever works best for your needs to achieve this effect. This quality can be attributed to the presence of ginsenocides in ginseng.